100% Arabica Coffee

Ethiopian Beans

Medium Dark Roast

Ethiopia produces one of the world’s best reviewed premium coffee beans. It has a strong taste with distinctive acidity. Depending on their origin, the beans can give a more fruity or floral taste. The most popular types are Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Harrar, all with unique tastes and aromas. We have a weekly delivery of different types of Ethiopian beans, ask our barista what’s on this week!



Bold Dark Roast

Columbia is the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world. The coffee's taste can vary depending on the place of origin, but it usually has a rich taste with a fruity or citrus flavour.

It’s often used in blends, to smooth out the bitter taste. Colombian coffee is the best when freshly roasted, therefore we do not keep a large stock of it.


Brazilian Beans

Dark Roast

Brazilian beans are famous for their low acidity and sweeter flavour. This type of coffee is good for anyone who likes milder and smoother tastes. It’s usually used to temper the more contrasting and rich tastes of different blends.

The advantage of Brazilian beans is that they can be dark roasted without getting too bitter. Check which type we have in stock today.


Ethiopian Decafinated

Medium Roast

Great quality decaffeinated Ethiopian beans are a great solution for anyone who loves the rich taste of coffee but wants to cut out the caffeine.

With a fair trade certificate, our Ethiopian decaf can be taken home and enjoyed whenever you want. Feel free to ask our barista how to prepare it for your desired intensity


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